fully synthetic vs semi synthetic vs mineral oil

fully synthetic vs semi synthetic vs mineral oil  

As there is a large variety of auto mobiles in the world today,  therefore different specifications of oils are required for different engines. These different types of oils include fully synthetic oil, semi synthetic oil and mineral oil.  The performance of these oils differs according to the methods that are used to refine modify them. 

Mineral oil 

It is the oldest and the most natural or conventional form of oil. It comes straight from the ground and is manufactured as part of the oil refining process. All the contamination are removed during the refining process.  For decades,  mineral oils had been used for old car engines.  As compared to the synthetic oils,  they are quite economical.  The only disadvantage of these oils in the current age is that they run quite slowly through the engine circuit.  That is why,  they are not considered as an appropriate choice in this fast moving world. Due to their slow speed,  they cause increased fuel consumption which is the last thing that you need.  Also, unlike synthetic oils,  these oils need to be changed quite frequently. 

Fully synthetic oil 

Synthetic oils are those, that are made artificially by using chemical compounds.  They are made by breaking down petroleum molecules and then rebuilding those petroleum molecules in a specific manner which provides the optimal lubrication characteristics. Fully synthetic oils are not mixed with the mineral oils, instead they are made by using various additives. Usually,  fully synthetic oils are required for high tech engines. These oils are not suitable for all types of engines.  For some type of car engines,  these oils are highly unsuitable. Further more,  these oils possess many able qualities as compared to mineral oils. These oils provide extraordinary flow at low temperature.  Unlike mineral oils,  they do not required to be changed frequently.  They save the engine high fuel consumption and also provide your engine a loner life span. Even at high temperature, these oils maintain stable viscosity. The only con that these oils have is that they are very expensive.  But whatever may be the price,  because if their extraordinary quality and lubrication properties, they are worth the cost. If you do not want your car engine to wither away and want it to run in an extra ordinary manner,  then fully synthetic oils are the solution.

Semi synthetic oil

Semi synthetic oils are of high quality than the mineral oil but are below the fully synthetic oils. They are basically a mixture of mineral oils and synthetic base stocks. They are far less volatile and are especially synthesized to deal with high temperature and heavier loads. They are very efficient when it comes to the fuel economy.  Due to their less volatile characteristic,  they do not evaporate much and prevent high oil loss. Usually,  the local automobiles like pickups use them.  Unlike fully synthetic oils,  they are quite easier to buy.  They do not cost much which makes it a good choice for most of the people. Semi synthetic oils are a good option if you are looking for the type that works good at high temperature and reduce oxidation. As semi synthetic oil is the blend of mineral oil and synthetic oil,  it consists of the attributes of both oil types. This is its plus point.  In a world full of expenses,  it is a good choice to save some money.  You can do it by choosing semi synthetic oil is your traveling partner.