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Motor oil and other products FAQ

Motor oil and other products FAQ

Is it ok if I switch motor oil weights? For example, can I switch my Motor oil from 5w-20 to 10w-30?

Can you switch motor oil weight or can you not? Mostly, it depends on the vehicle manufacturer. There are some vehicle manufacturers who provide different ranges of recommended motor oil viscosity grades which is mostly based on the outside temperature in which the car is driven. Some manufacturers only recommend one motor oil viscosity grade. It is always the best idea to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Is it ok if I use 5w-30 in my car despite knowing that it should be driven at only 5w-20? 

Even if you go for a heavier grade then it is not recommended. Because a heavier grade will cause a decrease in fuel economy, higher engine loads and this eventually cuts short the engine life. The same goes for lighter grades.

Lighter great is not recommended because it will result in mechanical wear and reduced engine life. It is always the best idea to follow the recommended motor oil viscosity and maintenance schedule which is provided in a vehicle’s owner manual.

What does W In a grade of motor oil stands for?

The W in motor oil stands for winter. It basically refers to a cold-weather viscosity.

How can I know if thicker oil is better or not?

In some circumstances, thicker oil can actually be better because it can help to compensate for the increased bearing clearances but again it is always the best idea to follow the manual instruction. 

It is said that old cars must only use conventional oil?

No this is not the case and it is not true.

When can I use Maxlife Motor oil?

MaxLife is designed for a high Mileage of 75000 miles or more. It can be used in new vehicles, used vehicles or even old vehicles with even less than 75000 miles.

Is Maxlife has always been a synthetic blend oil?


How do Atlantic full synthetic motor oil works compare to other motor oils?

Atlantic full synthetic motor oil is like a dream coming true for motors. It has amazing performance, amazing quality and it has been formulated with fully synthetic base oils. Atlantic oils are API licensed and they are amazing for motors.