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Base Oil Groups

Base oil suppliers in UAE and throughout the globe, play a critical role in the global lubricants industry. One of the most important components of lubricants is the base oil, which serves as
the foundation of most modern lubricants.
Base Oil Groups
Base oils are either mineral or synthetic, and are categorized into five groups according to the base oil refining process from which they were derived: Group I (Paraffinic), Group II
(Naphthenic), Group III (Aromatic), Group IV (Napthenic-Aromatic), and Group V (Polyglycol).
Group I – Fuel Oils
Group I is used for general lubrication and can be blended with additives to form compound oils. These base oils are derived from petroleum refining and are used to make gasoline, jet fuels,
diesel fuel, heating oil, heavy fuel oils (and also used for bitumen/asphalt).
Group II – Residual Oils
Group II base oils are neutral and have good viscosity index (VI) characteristics. They are suitable for most applications, except those where low volatility or fire-resistant properties are
Group III – Medium Viscosity Index Base Oils
Group III base oils include synthetic esters and polyolester fluids, which tend to be more expensive than petroleum-based materials but have better environmental properties.
Group IV – Light Viscosity Index Base Oils
Group IV base oils are commonly used in transmissions and gearboxes. The light viscosity index base oils can be further subdivided into five types based on whether they are synthesized or
produced from crude oil. The lighter base oils have viscosities between 100 cSt and 140 cSt at 40°C (105°F).
Group V – Multigrade Base Oils
Group V base oils are hydrocracked, hydrotreated or polymerized refinery products. They are then blended with Group I and II base oils to meet a wide range of performance requirements
for multigrade engine oils. The most common Group V base oil is polyalphaolefin (PAO).
Types of Base Oils: Choosing the Right Base Oil
The above listed five types of base oils are used as starting materials in creating more complex chemical compounds that produce base oils with unique physical and chemical properties suited
to specific applications and conditions. Understanding these base oil groups and the applications they’re best suited for will help you find the right lubricant to meet your specific needs in plants today and in the future.
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