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Atlantic Wash & Shine

Atlantic car wash and shine contains a powerful 2-in-1 deep-cleaning formula that not only washes away stubborn dirt, dust and grime, but also protects your vehicle’s exterior finish. Contains a powerful, super-sudsy, bio-degradable and pH balanced formula that allows for a quick rinse and a spot-free brilliantly shining finish. Helps in delivering a mirror-like shine as you wash while revealing your paint’s deep radiant color.

Product Features
It is safe to use on all types of surfaces including painted, clear coated, chrome plated, powder-coated, plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, rubber, leather, vinyl, wood, etc. This product has been formulated to remove dirt, grime, grease, oil, wax, tar, gum, pollen, dust, bird droppings, bugs, and other contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior surface.

      1. Designed to shine without removing wax
        Super-sudsy formula resists water spotting
        Bio-Degradable and non-toxic.
        Shines as it cleans
        Regular use provides a long-lasting benefit to your vehicle
        Balanced pH for added safety even with continuous use