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ATLANTIC Synthetic Gear oil 75W-85 is a smooth-shifting, extreme-pressure API GL-4 totally synthetic gear oil that outperforms conventional mineral gear oils in terms of its stability at high temperatures. It was developed by ATLANTIC. Perfect for usage in applications involving transaxles that have manual gearboxes and differentials merged into one unit. It is made with hydro-finished base fluids and excellent additive packages to boost wear protection, corrosion protection, seal compatibility, and low-temperature characteristics. The formulation is done utilising hydro-finished base fluids.


  • In situations where API GL-4 is required, transaxles with a combined manual gearbox and hypoid differential are available.
  • Automobiles for passengers, vehicles capable of towing, four-wheel drive, and light commercial vehicles.
  • Spiral bevel gears and hypoid gears, both of which are working under conditions of moderate speed and weight.
  • Some manual transmissions and transaxles, for which API MT-1 is not an appropriate specification.


  • Reduces the likelihood of the shifter sticking when it’s cold
  • For a longer component life, having good corrosion protection and rust avoidance is essential.
  • The feel of shifting is consistent for the duration of the oil’s life.
  • lowering the number of hazardous deposits
  • Will not be harmful to bronze or brass.
  • Includes synthetic base oils, which contribute to longer product life.
  • Very high oil film strength, affording superior protection
  • Performance that is superior even when the temperature is low High viscosity index for performance that is superior even when the temperature is high in operation
  • Outstanding performance in terms of wear reduction and friction behavior
  • Superior resistance to heat and oxidation, resulting in a longer service life
  • able to work with various synchro materials

API GL-4 Plus, GM 12346190, MB 235.10/235.4, Chrysler MS 9224, ZF TE-ML 01/02/08, BTR 5M42, MAN 341, US Military MIL-L-2105, Ford ESW-M2C-83A/B, ESPM2C-83, WSD M2C200-C, GM HN 1046, 1070, 1820, 1855, 2276