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ATLANTIC STEAM CYLINDER ENGINE OIL is an extra high performance, high viscosity oil that is designed for use in enclosed worm gears that are operating at moderate to high speeds and temperatures, as well as in settings that require high viscosity oils due to heavy loads, slow speeds, or high temperatures. They are also designed to be utilized in every conceivable application involving steam engines. They are made from high-quality base stocks that are resistant to oxidation and thermal degradation, as well as the accumulation of hazardous deposits that can be brought on by the high operating temperatures of steam cylinders. In addition to providing protection against rust and corrosion, good film strength, great lubricity, and resistance to water washout, these coatings are also water resistant.


ATLANTIC STEAM CYLINDER ENGINE OIL is formulated with the appropriate additives to enhance the frictional and load-carrying properties, and it can be applied both by drip feed cups and by force-feed mechanical lubricating devices. This is because the frictional and load-carrying properties are enhanced.


  • Good protection of equipment at high temperatures caused by changeable load circumstances, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen downtime and the need for equipment replacement;
  • Superior resistance to the formation of deposits even when exposed to high temperatures;
  • The outstanding stability of the film even at high temperatures;
  • Good resistance to wear and low coefficient of friction;
  • Very high water separation quality in the absence of chemicals;
  • Excellent level of quality and integrated performance characteristics;
  • Longer oil shelf life as a result of its natural oxidation stability;
  • Provision of an excellent sealing coating in steam applications on round rods and in glands;
  • As a result, there are fewer unscheduled stoppages and lower expenses associated with maintenance.


ATLANTIC STEAM CYLINDER ENGINE OIL is specially formulated to meet the requirements of the following applications:

  • Steam Cylinder Oil 355 Compressor cylinders, couplings, and bearings, as well as the breaking-in process for new cylinders. Splash lubrication of enclosed worm gears that are working at speeds ranging from moderate to high while subjected to high temperatures;
  • Steam Cylinder Oil 460&680 Suggested for the uses mentioned above, albeit under harsher conditions in terms of temperature and load;
  • Steam Cylinder Oil 1000 It can be used as a tempering oil at bath temperatures of up to 290 degrees Celsius, and it can also be utilized in situations where quick separation from condensate is important, such as in situations in which exhaust steam is employed for process work.