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ATLANTIC RUSTILLO OILS are designed to protect parts from the risks of corrosion during storage and transportation.
They can be applied to all ferrous metals, from cast iron to alloyed steels.

ATLANTIC PROTECTION OILs constitutes wide range of products in accordance with the required properties of the
protective film;

i) Nature and thickness of the film: oil based, waxy or solvented
ii)Resistance over time: inter-operations protection with water-repellent effect or a longer-lasting protection.


RUSTILLO 3000 is fluidized protection fluid with superior water displacement capability that effectively eliminates all traces
of water from metal surfaces by coating the surface with a thin film to give medium-term protection.
• Provides protection for six months during indoor storage and two months during outdoor, sheltered storage.
• Rapid solvent evaporation.
• Good resistance to humid air
• Complies with Standard ISO 6743/8 (1987) : REE category

RUSTILLO 5000 is a water-repellent protective fluid, leaving an oily film on parts, providing medium-term protection
following surface treatment. Used in temporary storage in the mechanical engineering industry.

• Medium protection from 8 to 10 months indoors and 3 months outdoors
• Very high water-repellent capability
• Quick drying
• Complies with Standard ISO 6743/8 (1987) : REE category

RUSTILLO 9000 is corrosion protection fluid that coats parts with a soft, fatty film a slight dewatering effect. It is
recommended for protecting polished sheet metal, black sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal, strip steel and, generally
speaking, all types of metal stored outside and of course, inside for a very long time. Also suited to packaging bulky material
or different types of parts in readiness for maritime transport.

• Protection over very long periods; 2 months outside (exposed to the weather), 9 months outside, in covered area & 18 months when stored inside.
• Rapid evaporation of the solvent.
• Very high spreading power.
• Excellent resistance to humidity, surface water and acid atmospheres
• Complies with American Standards AXS 673, AXS 1759 grades 1and 2, as well as with MIL-C-972 grade 3
• Complies with Standard ISO 6743/8 (1987): category RFF.


ATLANTIC RUSTILLO OILS can be applied by dipping spray and brush application. They can be removed with the aid
of solvents and alkali cleaners.