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Lubrication for the Cylinder Used in Two-Stroke Low-Speed Diesel Engines

ATLANTIC MARINE CYLINDER OILS are a wide variety of cylinder lubricants developed for use in all types of two-stroke low-speed diesel engines. These oils are available in a wide range of viscosities. They are designed to deliver outstanding performance in all operational settings, including full power, “slow,” and “flexible” steaming regimes, so that they may be used with engines that burn distillate as well as residual fuel. This makes them appropriate for use in a variety of applications.


ATLANTIC MARINE CYLINDER OILS were developed specifically for the purpose of lubricating the cylinders of all sorts of 2-stroke low-speed diesel engines that consume distillates and residual fuel oil with sulfur levels ranging from 0.5 to 3.5%.

  • ATLANTIC MARINE CYL 25 is designed for low-speed engines that operate on ECA fuels with no more than 0.1% sulfur.
  • ATLANTIC MARINE CYL 40 for engines operating at low speeds and burning low-sulfur fuel oil (LSFO)
  • ATLANTIC MARINE CYL 57 is designed for low-speed engines that operate on residual fuels containing between 0.5 and 3.5% percent sulfur.
  • ATLANTIC MARINE CYL 70 for low-speed engines that operate on fuel oil with a high sulfur content (HSFO)
  • ATLANTIC MARINE CYL 100 is designed for newly developed low-speed engine designs that are susceptible to cold corrosion and that operate on high-sulfur fuel oil (HSFO)

ATLANTIC MARINE CYLINDER OILS were developed specifically for the new generation of highly rated, fuel-efficient, low-speed marine diesel engines that operate with greater pressures, higher temperatures, and longer strokes. This was done in order to specifically address all areas of oil stress.


  • Very little wear on the piston rings and liners
  • The highest level of cleanliness.
  • Cost savings achieved in engine maintenance.
  • Helps prevent engine wear caused by deposits and scuffing, which are common problems with low-sulfur fuels
  • High resistance to heat and oxidation, which helps maintain performance throughout a wide range of engine operating circumstances.
  • decreased amount of oil used in cylinders
  • Long time between overhauls
  • Developed with the detergent technology necessary to give an outstanding performance while using low-sulfur gasoline.
  • Strong control of piston groove deposits, which is a vital region for the functioning of distillate fuel, is provided by the detergency system.
  • Increased the amount of time between piston overhauls


MAN Diesel & Turbo, MHI-MME and Wartsila, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are all considered to be met or exceeded.