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ATLANTIC HYDRAULIC OILS are premium performance, anti-wear hydraulic oils that have been developed to meet the needs of a diverse selection of hydraulic equipment specifications. They were designed to handle the critical requirements of other hydraulic system components such as close clearance servo-valves and the high accuracy numerically controlled (NC) machine tools. They were developed to meet the stringent requirements of severe hydraulic systems that use high-pressure, high-output pumps. In addition, they were designed to meet the stringent requirements of severe hydraulic systems. Designed to work with systems operating under severe conditions where high levels of antiwear and film strength protection are needed, yet they are formulated to work where non-antiwear hydraulic oils are generally recommended, these hydraulic fluids are made with high-quality base oils and a super-stabilized additive system that prevents the formation of corrosive materials. In addition, they are formulated to work with systems operating under severe conditions.


ATLANTIC HYDRAULIC OILS AW is formulated to offer superior protection in hydraulic vane-, piston-, and gear-type pumps found in mobile and stationary applications, as well as in high-performance industrial applications and locations that are very sensitive to the environment. Ideal for application in hydraulic systems of any kind, including those operating in the harshest environments, such as those found in machine tools, mold injection machines, presses, and other types of industrial or mobile equipment. Also utilized in many other applications, including those where a universal high-performance anti-wear lubricant is the first choice, such as air compressors, servo-motors, low-charged gears, sliding and rolling bearings, and control systems equipped with fine filtering systems.


Outstanding oxidation resistance is provided by ATLANTIC HYDRAULIC series products, which enables longer intervals between oil and filter changes. Their high level of anti-wear properties and excellent film strength characteristics result in exceptional equipment performance, which not only leads to fewer breakdowns but also helps improve production capacity. This is due to the fact that their high level of anti-wear properties and excellent film strength characteristics. The regulated demulsibility of the oils enables them to function properly in systems that are contaminated with trace amounts of water while at the same time easily separating significant quantities of water.


  • Excellent resistance to wear, ensuring the longest possible life for the equipment.
  • Excellent thermal stability, preventing the formation of sludge even when heated to very high temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation, guarantees a long life for the fluid in service.
  • Even under harsh service circumstances and during extended drain intervals, quality reserve ensures performance characteristics are preserved.
  • Outstanding hydrolytic stability, which helps to prevent filter blockage.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Using components that are free of silicon allows for excellent anti-foam and air-release qualities.
  • Excellent demulsibility that allows for a speedy water separation
  • Cost savings in both the maintenance and operating departments
  • Outstanding filterability despite the presence of water in the environment


International Standards: AFNOR NF E 48-603 HM, ISO 6743/4 HM, DIN 51524 P2 HLP, CINCINNATI MILACRON P68, P69, P70

Meets or Exceeds: VICKERS M-2950S, -I-286, DENISON HF0, HF1, HF2 (T6H20C), HUSKY HS 207