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ATLANTIC ANTIFREEZE is an ethylene glycol antifreeze that is heavy-duty, long-lasting, undiluted, and completely prepared. It also contains anti-corrosion inhibitors. It provides protection that is both comprehensive and ongoing for the cooling system. It does not have any nitrates, phosphates, or amines in its composition.


ATLANTIC ANTIFREEZE was formulated for application in open or closed cooling circuits, depending on the application (vehicles and heating). Appropriate for use in automobiles as well as heavy-duty gasoline and diesel engines, such as those found in on-road, off-road, marine, agricultural, mining, and construction equipment. Dilute with water that has had its minerals removed.


ATLANTIC ANTIFREEZE is a hybrid antifreeze that has a combination of organic additive technology inhibitors together with borate, nitrite, nitrate, molybdate, and silicate inorganic corrosion inhibitors. These inhibitors work together to protect against corrosion and prevent freezing. It is an antifreeze that contains no phosphates or amines, has a low silicate content, and is suited for use in heavy-duty applications without the need for additional coolant additives.


  • anti-corrosion inhibitors; protects against freezing temperatures down to -37 degrees Celsius and boilover temperatures up to 129 degrees Celsius;
  • free of both amines and phosphates;
  • A cooling system that is free of debris and provides defense against buildups of scale and sludge;
  • Service is typically guaranteed for a period of five years or 240,000 kilometers;
  • Compatible with different types of engine antifreeze and able to dissolve in them;
  • A low silicate level also ensures that the material is compatible with aluminum;
  • a measure of defense against the cold;
  • Prevention against the corrosion caused by cavitation;
  • Efficient cooling of the engine that prevents overheating


Diluted with clean water (preferably de-mineralized water) to a concentration between 30 and 50 percent, which is the recommended concentration to achieve the highest degree of protection performance for larger diesel engines. At a concentration of 30 percent, the anti-corrosion treatment provides a satisfactory level of protection against corrosion for light vehicles. ATLANTIC ANTIFREEZE will give optimal performance and protection in a clean cooling system for up to one year, at which point the system should be drained and refilled before continuing to be used. Antifreeze that has been diluted with the right amount of water should be used when topping off the system.


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