Are all synthetic oils the same?

What is synthetic oil?  

 Synthetic oil is the type of oil  that is artificially made with the help of chemically modified petroleum components.  As this oil is man made,  that’s why he has tried his best to add the kind of components in it that will be good for the engines or machinery and are long lasting.  Cars are very close to the hearts of their owners that is why they always tend to choose the best kind of engine oil for them.  If you love your car,  it is mandatory for you to take care of its maintenance and  choose the best engine oil in the world for it. Synthetic oil is considered to be the best kind of engine oil for motor cars and bikes. 

Are they all the same? 

 It is usually considered that all synthetic oils are the same but it is not a correct notion.   There are numerous distinctions and differences in the makeup of these oils as they are made in the laboratory according to the needs of specific kinds of engines. They differ according to the additives that are added to them. Not only this but different synthetic oils have different levels of viscosities. In addition,  the materials having different lubricant properties also become the basis of distinctions between various synthetic oils. 


 In synthetic oils various additives are added that help them to resist the high or cold temperatures.  Some additives are such which  help in the prevention of corrosion or rusting of the engines.  Different additives have different purposes and different synthetic oils have different additives.  That is why all the synthetic oils are not similar as they are made by adding different additives.


 Synthetic oils also differ in their levels of viscosity.  Some synthetic oils have high viscosity while others have low viscosity.  With the change in the temperature the viscosity also changes.  Different kinds of polymers are added to different kind of synthetic oils to deal with these changes in the temperature.  

Lubricating capabilities

   One of the most significant qualities of a good engine oil is that it has very strong lubricant capabilities.  Synthetic oil is considered as the best engine oil in the world due to its extra ordinary lubricating capabilities.  Different brands of engine oils ad different type off esters in order to enhance the lubricating properties of their synthetic oils.   While the making of synthetic oils,   the requirements of various engine oils or machineries are kept in mind.  The synthetic oils are modified according to these requirements. 


 Synthetic oils are created according to the requirements of different kinds of engines or machineries that is why they cannot be the same.  Different brands of engine oils add different kinds of  additives to enhance lubricating properties of their synthetic oils.  Not only this but these additives are also used to create a good level of viscosity index of the synthetic oils.   If you are looking for the best engine oil in the world for your motor car then you should contact Atlanticlube which creates the best synthetic oils in the world.