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Your vehicle’s engine is a complex moving part. Pistons and gears spin, and metal constantly slides against metal.  Without the right shield, this creates friction.  Friction leads to heat, and heat wears down those precious parts faster than you’d think. Over time, performance tank breakdowns happen, and you’re facing costly repairs.

That’s where lubrication makes all the difference.  A high-quality lubricant doesn’t just make things slippery. It forms a protective barrier, keeping metal surfaces from grinding against each other. This massively reduces wear and tear and even helps carry away excess heat. Just like fresh oil makes your car engine purr, specialized lubricants keep all kinds of machinery running smoothly.

Deciding on the wrong lubricant is like playing with fire. Different machines have unique needs based on how they’re designed and what they do. Some vehicle owners use a lubricant that’s too thin, gets gummy at the wrong temperature, or fails under pressure is a recipe for disaster. A company like Atlantic Lubricants takes the guesswork out of the equation. Their expertise and relentless testing ensure they have the perfect lubricant to protect your investments, whether you run a fleet of trucks or manage an entire factory.

What Exactly is Atlantic Lubricants?

Atlantic Lubricants is a well-known company specializing in powerful lubricants. They have a global reach, working with clients all over the world.  The company boasts a top-notch facility and expert technicians to develop their advanced formulas. Their convenient distribution network guarantees easy access to their wide range of high-quality products.

Why OEM Approvals Are Key

When buying lubricants, it’s essential to look for OEM approvals. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When an OEM approves a lubricant, it’s like they’re putting their stamp of approval on it. The OEM has thoroughly tested the lubricant with their own equipment, and it works perfectly!

Atlantic Lubricants has earned plenty of OEM approvals. So, if you own expensive machinery with specific needs, there’s probably a perfect Atlantic lubricant for the job. They have options for cars, construction equipment, ships – virtually anything!

Quality is in The Certification

OEM approvals aren’t the only proof of Atlantic’s top-tier quality.  They also earn important certifications:

ISO 9001-2015: This proves their manufacturing is always good; they focus on improvement, and customers come first.

ISO 17025-2015: This one is just for laboratory testing. It means you can depend on the analyses done during product development.

ISO 14001-2015: Being green matters! This certification shows Atlantic Lubricants cares about the environment.

These world-class certifications tell you something critical – Atlantic Lubricants takes quality control incredibly seriously.

Finding Your Perfect Match - What They Offer

Finding Your Perfect Match What They Offer

Atlantic Lubricants has the right lubricant for almost any job. Here’s just a sample of what they offer:

Automotive Lubricants: 

Oils and fluids to protect engines, transmissions, brakes, and more. Works with cars, trucks, and heavy machinery.

Get maximum protection in sub-zero temperatures with Atlantic Super Synthech SAE 0W40 API SN.  Its super-thin formula flows smoothly from the moment you turn the key. it reduces engine wear during those critical first seconds, and this is ideal for high-performance cars that need premium cold-weather performance and outstanding durability.


The ultimate choice for modern engines requiring superior protection with an emphasis on fuel efficiency.  Atlantic Fully Synthetic Neoteric Ultra 10W40 SP helps maximize your engine’s potential with extended drain intervals and cutting-edge automotive lubricants for long-term reliability.


Designed for every day and high-mileage vehicles, Atlantic Synthech Ultra Super Motor Oil SAE 5W-30 API SL delivers dependable protection year-round.  Engineered to prevent sludge build-up, boost fuel efficiency, and maximize engine lifespan.


When your engine faces tough conditions, Atlantic Synthech Ultra Super Motor Oil SAE 5W-40 API SN/CF rises to the challenge. Perfect for performance cars and diesel engines, its formula fights oil breakdown under high temperatures and provides superior wear protection.


Maximize your engine’s longevity with Atlantic Ultra Super Synthetic Engine Oil SAE 5W-40 API SP. Specially formulated for modern, high-output engines, it offers incredible cleanliness and outstanding performance in extreme conditions. Protects critical components while maximizing engine efficiency.

Industrial Lubricants:

industrial lubricants

Maintain peak performance of your machines with an array of industrial lubricants suitable for hydraulic systems, bearings, gears, turbines, and much more. Atlantic Lubricants’ range is geared towards diverse sectors like manufacturing, construction, mining, and power generation.


Keep your steam engines and heavy machinery running smoothly with the ATLANTIC STEAM CYLINDER OIL. It’s designed to withstand the intense heat and pressure of steam systems. This lubricant reduces friction, protects cylinders, and helps your equipment last longer, even under demanding conditions.


ATLANTIC REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR OIL is your go-to for efficient and reliable refrigeration systems. Its specialized formula maintains optimal flow in cold temperatures. It effectively combats wear and tear in compressors, preventing costly breakdowns and keeping your equipment working.


Designed for precise temperature control, ATLANTIC HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS excel in a variety of industrial applications. These fluids efficiently move heat away from critical components, maintaining optimal operating temperatures. Their stability ensures long-lasting performance and dependable heat transfer.

ATLANTIC GEAR EP – Extreme Pressure Oil

When your gears face heavy loads and extreme pressure, ATLANTIC GEAR EP delivers.  This premium lubricant creates a tough protective film between gear teeth, preventing wear and tear. It’s an excellent choice for industrial gearboxes and other equipment working under challenging conditions.

Marine Lubricants:

Marine Lubricants

Tough oils and greases specially made for ocean-going equipment. It protects engines and extends their lifespan despite the harsh saltwater environment.


Protect large, hardworking marine diesel engines with ATLANTIC TRUNK PISTON ENGINE OIL. It handles these engines’ intense conditions, preventing harmful deposits and neutralizing corrosive acids. The result? A cleaner engine, improved efficiency, and long-term reliability on the open water.


Power your water adventures with ATLANTIC PREMIUM PLUS 2-CYCLE OUTBOARD. This specialized 2-stroke oil burns clean to limit emissions. It offers excellent lubrication under the rigors of marine use, maximizing your outboard motor’s lifespan and ensuring it runs at its best.


Give your 4-stroke outboard the attention it deserves with ATLANTIC OUTBOARD OIL 4T. Tailor-made for this type of engine, this oil boasts a robust additive package. It keeps your engine clean, minimizes wear, and optimizes performance for peak enjoyment on the water.


ATLANTIC MARINOL GEN 4 is the next generation of marine diesel engine oils. Its advanced formula goes beyond ordinary requirements, delivering exceptional deposit control. It offers outstanding performance even in the toughest marine environments, guaranteeing peace of mind on the open seas.

Car Care Products: If you’re a car buff, check out these solutions! The Atlantic has cleaners, waxes, shampoos, and everything else you need to make your ride look its best.

Why Pick Atlantic Lubricants?

Why Atlantic Grease and Lubricants Focuses on Advanced Formulas

Think about how much car engines have changed in recent years. They’re smaller, more complex, and squeeze out way more power per liter than ever before. Carmakers put incredible demands on them, and every component – even the engine oil – needs to be up to task. That’s why there’s been a big push towards synthetic oils. This advanced type of lubricant delivers consistent performance with less risk of breaking down at extreme temperatures.

Here at Atlantic Grease and Lubricants, we never stop chasing perfection.  We don’t just meet industry standards; we want to leave them in the dust. This dedication led us to develop our groundbreaking PureSynth Technology.

PureSynth Technology: Protection Without Compromise

The “base oil” in a lubricant makes up most of its volume and sets the stage for everything else.  Our PureSynth Technology creates base oils with incredibly pure and strong molecular bonds. Traditional oils start with crude oil, a complex mixture that takes lots of refining to reach the desired standards. That’s one reason why traditional oils leave more room for impurities and inconsistencies.

PureSynth Technology makes the core of our top-tier products like Atlantic UltraTech. This line of engine oils boasts 99.5% purity, delivering unparalleled protection for today’s hardest-working engines. Deposits that rob performance? Virtually eliminated. Harmful wear and tear? Significantly reduced. And those cold starts where conventional oil feels like molasses? Atlantic UltraTech flows freely for instant lubrication, no matter the season.

Active Cleansing Technology- Next-Level Cleanliness

At Atlantic, we know an exceptional base oil is just the start. That’s why we pair PureSynth Technology with our proprietary Active Cleansing Technology to create products like Atlantic UltraTech Plus. This potent cleansing formula works aggressively to flush out harmful sludge and prevent corrosive contaminant build-up. What you get is an engine that stays virtually factory-clean, ready to deliver optimal performance at any moment.

The Atlantic Performance Advantage

When you use Atlantic lubricants and greases for your car, you’re not just protecting your engine – you’re unlocking its full potential. Here’s what you can expect:

Longer Engine Life: Internal components operate in ideal conditions, significantly extending the overall lifespan of your engine.

Reduced Maintenance Bills: Better protection means fewer unexpected issues and more worry-free miles.

Fuel Economy Boost: A cleaner, more efficient engine makes the most of every drop of fuel you pay for.

Smoother, Quieter Operation: Our advanced formulas minimize friction for a satisfyingly smooth and silent driving experience.

Whether you’re driving a daily commuter, a high-performance machine, or a heavy-duty workhorse, Atlantic Grease, and Lubricants has the perfect formula to exceed your expectations. We aren’t just focused on the present – we’re constantly researching and innovating to deliver the lubrication solutions of the future.