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ATLANTIC TRUNK PISTON ENGINE OIL is a multi-functional crankcase lubricant that is specially formulated to help reduce deposits in critical areas (such as the piston under crown) and gives long-term protection against corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is designed to be used in rated medium-speed diesel engines that run on residual fuel.

  • The ATLANTIC TP 30 and TP 40 were developed specifically for use in settings involving a moderate amount of oil stress.
  • ATLANTIC TP X 40 is developed to help improve deposit control and is designed specifically for use in environments characterized by high oil stress.
  • ATLANTIC TP XL 40 has been further improved to increase deposit control and is developed specifically for conditions characterized by extremely high oil stress.


ATLANTIC TRUNK PISTON ENGINE OIL is a combination of highly refined base oils and an exclusive formulation of the most recent additive technologies. This combination offers a substantial safety margin to help diesel engines deal with higher stress levels, which are present in even the most recent and upcoming diesel engine designs. Especially suited for use in engines with a low or extremely low oil consumption that also operates on the fuel of a low-quality residual.


  • Outstanding resistance to the detriments caused by contamination with residual fuel;
  • High thermal resistance as well as resistance to oxidation at high temperatures;
  • Outstanding control of viscosity increase, which results in fewer calls for top-ups;
  • Extremely good resistance to wear and very good oil film strength even when subjected to extremely high pressures;
  • A reduction in the accumulation of heavy deposits in the engine, which leads to cost savings in terms of maintenance;
  • Good engine cleanliness;
  • Very high base number and exceptional base number preservation;
  • Compatibility with centrifugal separation equipment.


ATLANTIC TRUNK PISTON ENGINE OIL is formulated to be used in the lubrication of medium-speed industrial or marine propulsion and auxiliary engines that burn residual fuel oils, as well as some medium and high-speed engines that burn distillate fuel, in situations where a high Base Number, high ash lubricant is suitable. These engines can be found in both land-based and marine environments. Compatible with bearings and stern tubes, as well as the lubrication of reduction gears.


The API service goes above and beyond the CF specification.

The quality criteria of all major medium-speed engine manufacturers, including WRTSIL, MAN diesel, Caterpillar MaK, Yanmar, Daihatsu, HiMSEN, and Rolls Royce, are met or exceeded by this product.