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Atlantic Leather Protection Spray and Tyre Shiner

Leather Protection Spray and Tyre Shiner

Polishing and protective effect for leather sea, dashboard, bumper, leather chairs, imitation leather finished products, tires, electrical appliances, furniture, and plastic products. Specifically prepared for optimum cleaning without causing surface damage. Aids in the production of and preservation of a brilliant shine. It’s great for getting rid of dust, grease, and other residues, and it also acts as a protective layer that shields the lacquer film from the elements and keeps it from fading or cracking. Its international, state-of-the-art formula keeps the dashboard, the seats, and the tires looking new and shiny while protecting them from fading, creasing, and aging. Static electricity dust can also be effectively avoided.


  • Take away all traces of moisture, filth, grease, etc. from the area that will be polished.
  • Before using, give the can a good shake.
  • Keep the can 10 to 15 centimeters away from the spot you’re spraying.
  • To ensure a uniform coating of spray wax, buff the surface with a clean, soft, dry cloth after application.
  • A better shine can be achieved by waiting a few minutes after spraying and then scrubbing.


  • Do not use it in close proximity to open flames; the stuff is highly flammable.
  • Do not throw bottle tops into the fireplace as waste.
  • To reduce possible skidding, avoid using the ground-contacting parts of your tires.
  • If it gets in your eyes, flush them with lots of water immediately.

Storage & Disposal:

  • Keep away from sources of ignition like open flames, sparks, or even humidity.
  • Do not store in hotter than 50 degrees Fahrenheit environments such as direct sunshine.
  • The use of caution is urged.
  • Get rid of the empty cans and recycle them.