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ATLANTIC HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS are high-performance HTOs that are designed to be used in closed indirect heating installations. These fluids are resistant to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation and are created from highly refined base stocks. As a result of these oils’ resistance to thermal cracking at the temperatures of operation for which they are approved, the flash points of these products will not experience a considerable drop during service.


  • Performance and dependability, even when operating in demanding environments.
  • Good thermal characteristics and high resistance to thermal cracking and breakdown
  • Excellent resistance to both heat and oxidation
  • Enhances the overall operational effectiveness of the heat transfer system
  • Helps to protect equipment by preserving its viscosity and film thickness even when subjected to high temperatures Completely free of sludge and coke deposits
  • Excellent fluidity even at low temperatures.
  • Guaranteeing the reliability of the product by third-party verification.


ATLANTIC HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS are thermally stable and are capable of extraordinarily long service life without deposit development or a rise in viscosity. Moreover, these fluids do not require any special maintenance. They exhibit very particular temperatures and thermal conductivities, both of which contribute to a greater rate of heat dissipation. They have a high heat transfer efficiency, and their viscosities are such that they may be easily pumped at temperatures ranging from start-up to operational with no difficulty.


ATLANTIC HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS are recommended for use in open and closed installations where the bulk oil temperature ranges are as outlined in the table below and where the minimum shutdown temperatures are not below -7oC. This recommendation applies to situations where ATLANTIC HEAT TRANSFER FLUIDS will be subjected to temperatures that are not below -7oC.

Bulk Oil Temperature Ranges for ATLANTIC HTO 22                               Bulk Oil Temperature Ranges for ATLANTIC HTO 32

Closed Systems: -7ᵒC to 285ᵒC                                                                     Closed Systems: -7ᵒC to 315ᵒC)

Open Systems: -7ᵒC to 150ᵒC                                                                       Open Systems: -7ᵒC to 180ᵒC

  • Open systems provided that the bulk temperatures do not exceed the maximum temperatures quoted in the table above.
  • Closed, cold-oil sealed, indirect heating and cooling systems in all kinds of industrial processes operating at bulk oil temperatures up to the maximum temperatures quoted in the table above and at atmospheric pressure.


Meets or exceeds the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570, DIN 51522 (1998 – 11), NSF H1, NSF HT1 Classified as ISO 6743-12 Family Q.