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What is API in engine oil

What is API in engine oil?

In motor oils API stands for the American petroleum institute. Everyone is aware of the fact that API is the largest biggest oil and gas industry trade organization. It is the duty of API to distribute more than 200000 copies of technical documents every year. In these copies, API discuss the technical standards and requirements which are needed to achieve the particular standards. API has its interest in everything which is related to petroleum. It maintains diverse categories like diesel and oil.

SN classification System 

API has many standards and in its many standards, there is a system that provides uniform engine protection. This system is known as the SN classification system and it has been approved in 2010. In order to fully comply with the SN standard, the oil must provide.

  • Revised and improved compatibility for seals and detergents.
  • Automotive emissions systems protection.
  • Automotive turbocharging system protection.
  • Compliance with all the ethanol-based fuels

API seal of approval

Once it is certain that the motor oil is meeting all the requirements of SN then it receives the equivalent of the API. This is basically known as API donut. As far as the look of this seal is concerned then it looks like a donut and quite funny at the same time. 

In the center of the donut, one can find the API rating.

For the oil to fully comply with the SN standard it has to comply with SAE oil viscosity standard. 

Once the oil complies with the SAE oil viscosity standard that it receives the proper viscosity rating which will show in the API donut.

The SN standard has been designed in 2010 and it applies to all the vehicles which have been made since 2010.

What is the importance of API compliance?

When the motor oil is meeting all the requirements of the SN standard then the customers feel confident in the oil product. The compliance is necessary for oils to make sure that the customers get the confidence regarding the functionality of motor oil.

When the oil is labeled 10W-30 then this means that it meets the viscosity standard. The API standard is also necessary to tell you whether the product is for a gasoline or diesel engine. This standard will also tell you as if the oil product is the same in different countries or not. 

Nothing can build more trust in motor oil then API standard seal.