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ATLANTIC TURBINE OIL (GX) series is a high-performance circulating lubricant designed for applications such as steam and hydro turbine sets as well as other systems where it is needed that the lubricant has a long service life. Developed using base stocks that have undergone a significant amount of refining, as well as an additive system that offers a very high degree of chemical and thermal stability, as well as a rapid and thorough separation from water and a high level of resistance to emulsification.

ATLANTIC TURBINE OIL (GT) is a gas turbine oil that is designed for demanding applications due to its high performance and long life. These innovative products are made with high-quality hydro-treated base stocks, which provide exceptional thermal and oxidation resistance. Additionally, they contain additives that have been carefully selected because they are engineered to provide the deposit control and ‘keep-clean’ performance that is necessary for severe-duty gas turbines, in addition to the excellent water separability that is required for steam turbine operation. In order to fulfill the load-carrying requirements of geared turbines, the formulations also feature an antiwear system that does not contain zinc.


ATLANTIC TURBINE OIL (GX) was developed primarily for use in turbo machine gears and regulation systems. These systems are responsible for the lubrication of gas turbines, steam turbines, combined cycle turbines, gearboxes, regulation circuits, turbochargers with separate oil circuits, and hydraulic turbines.

ATLANTIC TURBINE OIL (GT) was developed specifically for the lubrication (bearings, gearboxes) and control circuit of steam and gas turbines, as well as turbines that are subjected to high levels of thermal stress. These oils are also suited for the lubrication of turbine-linked gears.


ATLANTIC Turbine Oil (GX)
  • Excellent performances in terms of oxidation resistance, antifoaming, air release, and water release;
  • Extended intervals between draining, streamlined maintenance, and storage;
  • Enhanced anti-wear and extreme pressure capacities, which make it possible to lubricate the gearboxes that are driven by the turbine;
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion;
  • Maintaining a secure operation of the control system;
  • Resistant to sludging and varnishing; good air release and high resistance to foaming;
  • Very versatile, with a variety of possible uses.
ATLANTIC Turbine Oil (GT)
  • Extended intervals between oil draining on high-temperature gas turbines;
  • Extremely strong resistances to oxidation and thermal instability as a result of high-performance base stocks;
  • Superior resistance to wear and tear;
  • Simplified maintenance and storage—meets the needs of key builders for the specifications of both steam and gas turbines;
  • Good demulsibility.


ATLANTIC Turbine Oils (GX): ISO 6743-5 L TSA/TSE/TGA/TGB/TGE, DIN 51515 Part 1, JIS K 2213 Type 2, B S 489