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ATLANTIC TRANSFORMER – Electrical Insulating Oil

ATLANTIC TRANSFORMER OIL is an electrical insulating oil of the highest grade that is produced from mineral oils that have been thoroughly purified. It enables excellent heat transport, in addition to having good dielectric characteristics and oxidation stability. Because of its superior performance at low temperatures, transformers, switchgears, and other types of electrical equipment are designed to make use of this material.

It is available in two different grades:

ATLANTIC TO-U is unrestricted and complies with the standards set forth by IEC 60296 (82) Class I and II, BS 148:97 Class I and II, and ASTM D 3487 type I.
ATLANTIC TO-I has had its oxidation resistance enhanced with the addition of an inhibitor, and it satisfies the requirements of IEC 60296 (82) Class IA and IIA.


It is suggested to use ATLANTIC TRANSFORMER OIL in oil-filled transformers and switchgear in applications in which the oil is required as an insulation medium or as a heat transfer medium. They cannot be used in oil-filled cables, in particular impregnation processes, or in capacitors since they do not meet the requirements for such uses.

  • ATLANTIC TO-U is intended for use in applications that need goods meeting the requirements of ASTM D 3487 type I, IEC 60296 (82) Class I or II, or BS 148:97 Class I or II.
  • Applications that require IEC 60296 (82) Class I A or II A goods are the ones in which ATLANTIC TO-I is to be utilized.


  • Very high dielectric breakdown voltage, volume resistivity, interfacial surface tension, and an absence of polar substances;
  • Excellent ability to resist oxidation;
  • Wax-free even when operating at low temperatures, allowing for unrestricted circulation in outdoor applications;
  • In order to lengthen the service life of applications that have a high level of exposure to air, ATLANTIC TO-U is treated with a phenolic anti-oxidant that prevents it from oxidizing;
  • Very high levels of purity help to reduce the effects of power factors and keep temperatures from rising;
  • Outstanding capacity for heat transport and fluidity, which contribute to excellent cooling capabilities;
  • The oil that has been refined to a high degree ensures both chemical stability and service longevity;
  • Protection of equipment that is extremely effective owing to the fact that it does not corrode and has cleaning properties;
  • Increase in the service life of both the transformer and the oil;
  • Enhancements to both security and productivity;
  • Lessening the frequency and expense of breakdowns and maintenance.


  • IEC 60296 (82) Class I and II, BS 148:97 Class I and II, and ASTM D 3487 type I are the requirements for ATLANTIC TO-U.
  • IEC 60296 (82) Class IA and IIA is referred to in ATLANTIC TO-I.