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ATLANTIC TRANS HD Oils are intended to fulfill the exacting criteria demanded by Caterpillar TO-4, making them extremely high-performance transmission and drive-train lubricants. This product line features a distinctive design that was developed specifically to enhance the functionality of power shift transmissions, gearboxes, and final drives. They offer the highest level of protection possible, especially in high-pressure systems, when used in hydraulic applications. This technology combines a selection of base oils with an innovative additive system in order to give the precise performance parameters that are required to maximize the productivity of construction, quarrying, and mining equipment that is operating in harsh environments. When compared to the use of mixed fleet engine oils and lubricants that have been used in the past that satisfy Caterpillar TO-2 specifications, the performance of these products is demonstrably superior.


The following transmissions are recommended for use with ATLANTIC TRANS HD Oils since they are the most demanding:

  • Off-highway applications sometimes call for transmissions, gearboxes, final drives, and hydraulic systems that are designed for heavy loads.
  • Off-highway industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, and quarrying are included in this category.
  • Transmissions that require Allison C-4 fluids (specifically SAE 10W and 30 grades), such as manual, powershift, and automatic transmissions, as well as Twin Disc transmissions and transmissions that require Type F fluids.
  • Ideal for most mobile equipment hydraulic applications


ATLANTIC TRANS HD is created to give exceptional oxidation stability, elastomer compatibility, control of corrosion and rust, and optimal protection against foaming. These benefits are all achieved through the formulation process. Both the grade SAE 10W’s low pour point and very good pumpability at low temperatures are hallmarks of this product.


  • Slippage management and clutch-friction retention have both been optimized.
  • a significant increase in the life of the clutch in comparison to the best API CD / Cat TO-2 engine oils
  • Top performance in wet brakes, excellent   control of brake chatter
  • Good pitting control
  • Good foam control protection
  • Excellent resistance to both heat and oxidation
  • Greatly improved control of gear wear in transmissions,   gearboxes and drive trains
  • Superb FZG load-carrying capacity and FZG gear wear protection Very good low-temperature pumpability Good hydraulic oil stability and protection against high-pressure pump wear
  • Great FZG load-carrying capability and FZG gear wear protection
  • friction coefficients, both static and dynamic, that are in good balance.


Allison C-4, Caterpillar TO-4, ZF TE-ML-03, and Vickers 35 VQ 25 pump test are the models in question (HD 10W & HD 30)