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ATLANTIC SYN TRANS MV Oils are entirely synthetic drivetrain lubricants that were designed to fulfill the most stringent extended drain and OEM warranty standards. These lubricants are also environmentally friendly. These products are intended for use in heavy-duty drivetrains, which call for gear lubricants to have good load-carrying capacity. These drivetrains also operate in environments that are subject to intense pressures and shock loads. The cutting-edge technology provides unrivaled performance for applications operating at low and high temperatures, including exceptional oxidation stability, wear protection, corrosion resistance, increased shear stability, prolonged service capability, and good fuel economy.

APPLICATIONS ATLANTIC SYN TRANS MV Oils are synthetic-based oils that are developed for the lubrication of all gearboxes and axles that require an API GL-5 level and a viscosity of SAE 75W-90 / 80W-140. These oils are available in two different viscosities: 75W-90 and 80W-140.

  • Heavy-duty manual transmissions, axles, and final drives must meet the performance standards of API GL-5 and MT-1.
  • Trucks of light and large loads, buses, and vans operating on the highway
  • Off-highway industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, and quarrying are included in this category.
  • Other types of heavy-duty industrial gear drives, such as hypoid and worm gears, may be required to operate in environments characterized by high speed and shock load, high speed and
  • low torque, or low speed and high torque, respectively.
  • Equipment that operates in extremely low temperatures, such as winch reduction gears and crawler vehicle propulsion gear drives, should use this product.
  • Not recommended for use in applications that require performance at the API GL-4 level.
  • Not designed for automatic, manual, or semiautomatic transmissions; engine oil or fluids designed for automatic transmissions are advised for those types of transmissions.


  • Superb performance from the synchronizer, resulting in increased synchronizer life as well as shift comfort.
  • Extraordinary cold flow capabilities that allow for a more seamless gear shift when temperatures are low.
  • Capability for high loads and high torques throughout a wide variety of application fields.
  • High Extreme-Pressure characteristics.
  • Outstanding consistency throughout the service.
  • Fluid multigrade oil based on synthetic components.
  • Outstanding hydraulic oil stability and protection against wear on the high-pressure pump
  • Advantages of having a low viscosity when the temperature is low
  • Protects the moving parts and enhances the vehicle’s drivability.
  • Outstanding wear resistance, together with strong oxidation and corrosion resistance, and anti-rust qualities.


API GL-5/MT-1, BTR 5M-50, MIL-L-2105D, ZF TE ML-01/02/05/07/08, Scania STO 1:0, SAE J2360, MB 235.8, MAN 342 Typ M2, Voith Turbo 132.00374401/132.00374402