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ATLANTIC MARINE SYSTEM OIL was developed specifically for the crankcase lubrication of low-speed two-stroke crosshead diesel engines. Also, it is suited for the plain bearings of turbochargers, shaft bearings, seals, and stern tubes. The formulation possesses outstanding water separation characteristics, maximal antiwear properties, and effective rust prevention when used in the presence of salt water.


Lubrication of the crankshaft-cooled pistons and shaft bearings are the primary function of the ATLANTIC MARINE SYSTEM OIL. It is highly recommended for use as system oil in late model, high-output, crosshead diesel engines, particularly those engines that utilize the system oil for piston cooling. It will prevent or limit the accumulation of deposits in the piston cooling spaces, which will result in the maintenance of piston cooling efficiency as well as a reduced likelihood of piston top burning and piston crown cracking. It will also prevent or decrease deposits in the crankcase, and it will give exceptional protection for bearings that are subjected to heavy loads.


ATLANTIC MARINE SYSTEM OIL is formulated from high-quality, paraffinic base oils and a balanced additive system to provide excellent protection even for the severe operating conditions of the newest design, high-output crosshead marine diesel engines. These conditions can be attributed to the fact that ATLANTIC MARINE SYSTEM OIL is able to provide excellent protection. In addition, the alkalinity is high enough to neutralize any acidic combustion products or crankcase contaminations in a less demanding four-stroke trunk piston diesel engine that runs on distillate fuel.


  • Extremely high level of detergency; Very high resistance to thermal instability;
  • Extremely good anti-oxidant capabilities; excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties; Very good anti-bacterial traits;
  • Outstanding control over deposits with an oil-cooled piston;
  • Outstanding capability for the separation of water;
  • High capacity for the separation of insoluble materials;
  • Excellent resistance to wear and tear;
  • Strong resistance to the formation of foam;
  • Crankcase should be cleaned.


satisfies or outperforms the quality standards set by the leading manufacturers of diesel engines.