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ATLANTIC MARINE HD – Mono-Grade Marine Diesel Engine Oil

The ATLANTIC MARINE OIL HD line is a variety of high-performance, mono-grade marine diesel engine oils that display improved dispersancy. These oils are particularly well-suited for high BMEP medium and high-speed diesel engines that run on distillate and MDO fuels. These high-tech diesel lubricants are offered in SAE grades 30, 40, and 50, making them suitable for the viscosity requirements of the majority of marine engines. Because of the unique combination of detergent and dispersion capabilities that these oils possess, they not only offer greater resistance to the formation of lacquer in applications that subject them to rigorous service, but they also help in the removal of sludge and deposits.


ATLANTIC MARINE OIL’s HD series of lubricants are created specifically for use in high BMEP engines and in severe-duty engine applications. These kinds of applications call for a higher level of dispersancy and liner lacquer control than is typically provided by the vast majority of diesel lubricants because of the nature of the fuel and the service. They are created using high-quality base stocks and a well-balanced additive system to guarantee the best possible performance and defense for trunk piston engines used in industrial and maritime settings where monograde oils are required.


  • Longer oil drain intervals, extended cylinder overhauls, less bore polishing, superior wear protection, decreased oil consumption and decreased liner lacquering are some of the benefits of this technology.
  • Superior ability to separate water from other substances; optimal TBN reserves; enhanced oxidation and thermal stability.
  • The cleanliness of the engine was improved, and there was less muck on the top deck.
  • A broad range of engine capabilities in terms of builder, size, and speed; decreased deposits in the piston ring grooves; exceptional protection against ring and linear wear;
  • Superb detergent and dispersant capabilities ensure that the engine is kept clean and that the engine and transmission systems have a long lifespan.


The ATLANTIC MARINE OIL HD series is designed to work with the most recent generation of diesel engines, such as those manufactured by MAN-B&W Alpha, Caterpillar (3600), Deutz, and Stork Werkspoor. Due to the fact that they have an FZG rating of 12, they are fantastic severe pressure gear lubricants.

  • Main and auxiliary engines of all types and ratings, naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged;
  • Clutched reduction driver, reversing gear system, stern tubes, and bearings. Suitable for lubrication of medium and high-speed diesel engines used for fishing fleets and river transport applications.


satisfies or outperforms the quality standards set by the leading manufacturers of diesel engines.