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ATLANTIC CHAIN OIL – High Temperature, Synthetic

ATLANTIC CHAIN OIL is a synthetic, high-temperature chain oil that was developed specifically for the lubrication of hot chains used in conveyor systems, food processing, plastic film stretching, fiberboard manufacturing, and ceramics. This ensures that the chains continue to function reliably despite the high temperature and stress that they are subjected to.


ATLANTIC CHAIN OIL is created by combining a carefully balanced blend of high-molecular-weight, synthetic hydrocarbons and a synthetic ester base fluid with a very effective additive combination consisting of anti-wear, extreme pressure additives, corrosion passivation, friction modifiers, detergents, antifoams, and oxidation inhibitors. This mixture is then mixed with a very effective additive combination. It does not include silicone. When compared to mineral oil and other standard chain lubricants, ATLANTIC CHAIN OIL has the ability to reduce the buildup of carbon and lengthen the time between cleanings.


  • Prolongs the useful lives of bearings, chains, and conveyors;
  • Thermal stability; exceptional penetrating qualities that allow for the creation of a lubricating coating in a short amount of time;
  • Outstanding lubricating properties, even when running at high temperatures;
  • Resiliency in the face of pressure and wear;
  • Low flammability below 250 degrees Celsius;
  • Excellent capacity for the regeneration of spent oil;
  • Outstanding viscosity at low temperatures for risk-free beginnings;
  • Excellent adherence with little loss of hold;
  • Little residue as a result of using only entirely synthetic components;
  • A lower level of carbon residue; a decrease in the amount of lubricant consumed and the risk for loss.


ATLANTIC CHAIN OIL is formulated to be used specifically for the lubrication of hot conveyor chains in drying ovens, roller chains, chains or clips with ball bearings, slide chains with the lubrication of slide rails, chain joints and bolts, dryers, steamers, and other applications requiring a high level of durability.