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ATLANTIC ATF – Multi-Vehicle Fully Synthetic Oil


ATLANTIC FULLY SYNTHETIC MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is a technologically advanced, low viscosity, full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very highly refined base oils for automatic transmissions with a high viscosity index, excellent oxidation stability, excellent friction and antiwear properties providing maximum fuel efficiency for modern automatic transmissions and meeting the requirements of most American, Japanese and European manufacturers.


ATLANTIC FULLY SYNTHETIC MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is suitable for use in the latest generations of automatic transmissions and torque convertors for most passenger cars, off-road vehicles and SUVs. Meets or exceeds the requirements of the JASO-1A performance standard and the latest ATF specifications of Ford and GM for use in vehicles.


ATLANTIC ATF is a fully synthetic, multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid ensuring superior low temperature performance, easy pumpability and improved cold start. It has excellent frictional properties and effectively reduces sludge and prevents formation of deposits.


  • Low viscosity formula for maximum fuel efficiency in modern automatic transmissions;
  • Anti-wear protection, significantly extends transmission life;
  • Extended oil life, excellent thermal and oxidation stability;
  • Enhanced friction durability for smooth transmission performance;
  • Superior high temperature protection to effectively resist oxidation;
  • Unsurpassed protection against copper corrosion.


HONDA DW-1, AISIN-WARNER-JWS 3324, AW-1, HYUNDAI NWS-9638 T5, SP –IV, SP H-IV, LAND ROVER LR 023288, BMW- M-1375.4, 83222152426, CHRYSLER 68157995AA, FIAT 9.55550-AV2, 9.55550-AV5, MB 236.12, JAGUAR 02JDE26444, MITSUBISHI ATF J3, MAZDA FZ, TOYOTA AUTO FL UID WS, FORD MERCON SP, MERCON LV, WSS -M2C924-A, NISSAN MATIC –S , VW G 055 162, G 060 162, G 055 005, G 055 540
Meets or exceeds the quality requirements of most American, Japanese and European manufacturers.