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ATLANTIC ATF D2 – Auto Transmission and Power Steering Fluid

ATLANTIC ATF DEXRONs are semi-synthetic lubricants designed for use in the majority of automatic transmissions. These lubricants have a very high viscosity index and are derived from carefully selected, highly refined base oils. The enhanced fluidity at low temperatures guarantees the best possible performance under any and all circumstances. Because of its remarkable frictional qualities, changing gears and driving are both made more comfortable.


ATLANTIC ATF DEXRON II is suitable for use in automatic gearboxes, torque convertors, power steering, and hydraulic circuits. These components require a product that satisfies the General Motors ATF TYPE Dexron II D standards, and ATLANTIC ATF DEXRON II is able to fulfill these demands (used in GM automatic transmissions pre-1993).


  • Transmission life was greatly increased because of the anti-wear protection.
  • Excellent heat and oxidative stability, as well as extended oil life span
  • Enhanced the capacity of both the clutch band and the clutch pack.
  • Operation of the power steering units in an effective manner under any and all scenarios.
  • Improved frictional durability contributes to a more refined transmission performance.
  • Enhanced safety for copper and bronze component parts
  • Seal compatibility that works well cuts down on the possibility of leaks.