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ATLANTIC ATF D6 - Fully Synthetic

ATLANTIC ATF D6 - Fully Synthetic


Atlantic ATF D6 is formulated with premium synthetic base stocks combined with advanced additive technology, meets all the stringent requirements of General Motors' DEXRON®-VI specification, which is designed for the modern automatic transmissions in GM vehicles. Atlantic ATF D6 can be used in new and old GM automatic transmissions and it is fully back-serviceable and can be used wherever DEXRON®-II and/or DEXRON®-III are recommended.


  • Optimized frictional properties that provide smooth gear shifting during low temperature and help prevent transmission vibration;
  • Extends transmission fluid life and prevents fluid breakdown at higher operating temperatures;
  • Improved oxidation and thermal stability;
  • Reduces sludge and varnish build-up;
  • Outstanding low temperature performance;
  • Maintains lubricity;
  • Thoroughly field tested;
  • Low viscosity formulation provides fuel economy benefits compared with fluids formulated to meet DEXRON®IIIH or earlier specifications;
  • Improved anti-wear protection which contributes to extended transmission life;
  • Protects transmission gears and allows them to operate smoothly.



Atlantic ATF D6 is high quality transmission fluid suitable for use in automatic transmissions with torque convertors of passenger cars, as well as in wet clutches and power steering units.

Meets or Exceeds General Motors DEXRON®-VI Requirements & for 2006 and newer GM vehicles.
Meets the performance requirements of MB 236.41, Allison C-4 & VOITH H55.6335xx.