Qualities of good engine oil

3 basic qualities that a good engine oil must possess 

 if you are in the Quest of finding the best engine oil of the world then you must be familiar with the qualities that it should have.   Every engine oil requires certain kind of characteristics that will determine its durability and its efficiency.  The main characteristics that should be present in the best engine oil of the world are high viscosity index, thermal stability and oxidation stability. 

 high viscosity index

 viscosity e is basically the Fluids resistance to flow.  In order to know about the the quality of a lubricant it is very important to note  its viscosity at different temperatures for this purpose viscosity index was introduced by E. Dean and G. Davis back in 1929.  The high viscosity index is considered to be the best trait that the best engine oil in the world must possess. Luckily the Atlantic  lube supplies  with lubricants that have high viscosity rate making their lubricants the best of the best in the world.

 Thermal stability 

 Another important characteristic that a good engine oil should have is its high temperature stability.  As lubricants work in that part of your motor car or bike where the temperature is the highest that is why they must possess characteristics  that will not let them break down at high temperature.  A good engine oil must be able to start the engine at low temperature and should be stable at high temperatures.  Otherwise poor thermal stability can result in the destruction of your engine due to high viscosity.  Atlantic lube knows this quite well and that’s why the lubricants that are produced there are are able to resist high temperatures and start the engine even at very low temperature.  in short there lubricants have the quality of thermal stability making them the best lubricants in the world.

  Oxidation stability

 Another significant characteristic that a good engine oil must have is oxidation stability.   By oxidation it is meant as the chemical reaction that takes place between the lubricating oil and oxygen.  In case of higher oxidation rate the life of the engine oil or lubricant decreases.  Not only this but it also produces high viscosity in the oil which will result in the production of sludge. In order to make your engine work properly, you must choose an engine oil that will refrain from combining with the oxygen.  In this manner,  the engine of your motor car or bike will remain unharmed and the lubricant will be able to work for a long period of time. The lubricants prepared at the Atlanticlube have good oxidation stability which provides a better life to your engine. Inside the engine, it’s all about the chemical reactions.  The more you try to avoid the harmful  chemical reactions the more it will benefit you.  Several methods can be used to figure out the oxidation stability of an oil and Atlanticlube knows all of them. In order to  get the best engine oil in the world you must choose Atlantic oil.