About Us

ATLANTIC Lubricants develops, manufactures and supplies performance lubricants that are supported by a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry. We produce products that will improve the productivity of your plant. Our experience goes back decades and over that time we have built up a reputation as a supplier of leading lubricants. We also have an unmatched reputation for in-depth industry expertise. We deploy this expertise to help our customers improve the productivity of their plants, increase the life of their equipment, improve efficiency, and reduce wear and tear.

One of the ways in which we do this is by working closely with leading equipment manufacturers. This gives us inside knowledge of lubrication requirements which helps us to develop and improve our products. It also helps us develop cutting-edge lubricants from the ground up - lubricants that are designed for use in the most demanding situations in the world.

We make lubricants and greases that deliver proven levels of performance, plus we back them up with an unrivalled level of support.


We consider our responsibilities to lie in three areas:

In terms of our customers, we deliver high quality products and services that offer unrivalled value for money. In addition, all our products and services are designed to meet the expectations of our customers. They also surpass the quality and innovation level of the products produced by our competitors. Our goal is to be the first choice for lubricant products and services in the minds of our customers.

We also work with our suppliers to develop new product innovations to further exceed the expectations of our customers. We proactively seek out the views of our customers, and those views are used in our product development cycle.

And we believe we have a commitment to each other - the people who work hard at ATLANTIC Lubricants. Those people are assets to our company, so we ensure they have a safe workplace. We also have proactive processes in place to encourage professional growth and develop their skills. This respect, empowerment, and recognition of outstanding performance have the effect of promoting further development and improvement. Our team has a common goal – error-free work.

Regarding the environment, we take seriously our responsibilities to preserve and protect our natural resources.

Finally, we have a responsibility to manage ATLANTIC Lubricants soundly and profitably so that we can grow. Plus, we always conduct our business in a way that is ethical and legal.


We have the infrastructure in place to develop and produce high quality lubricants and greases. This includes implementing proper standards of storage and handling, something which is essential in the production of performance lubricants. Proper storage and handling of lubricants means taking care at all stages in order to prevent contamination or damage to containers.

The development of our own infrastructure has led to recommendations for our customers in regard to storing lubricants at plants or sites.

We recommend that all ATLANTIC packed and drummed products are stored indoors. Ideally, this should be in a temperature controlled room that is free from moisture. Both moisture and fluctuations in temperature reduce the shelf life of most lubricants.

Some products can be stored outside if necessary, but there are also several that must always be stored indoors. This includes car brake fluids, insulating oils, refrigeration oils, white oils and greases. It also includes cutting oils that contain fatty components. This is because these components solidify and become separated in cold weather.

Lubricants that are stored outside should be covered while also having access to freely circulating air. They should also be regularly checked for leaks or signs of moisture penetration. Additionally, they should be kept away from dusty areas, as dust is likely to contaminate the contents.

The three recommended ways to store lubricants are as follows:

Technical Capabilities

At ATLANTIC Lubricants our technical abilities, in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise mean that we can work with customers to produce specialized products and lubrication solutions. Our expert teams work in state-of-the-art laboratories to tailor solutions to specific customer needs by modifying existing products, or developing new ones. This helps our customers compete in what is an increasingly competitive business environment.

In addition, we offer an unrivalled level of after-sales technical support to our customers, delivered by a highly skilled and experienced team working with the latest equipment. This allows us to deliver prompt and effective solutions.