ATLANTIC Lubricants is committed to delivering high quality lubricant products to customers in all industries and from all over the world. A cornerstone of our commitment to quality is our focus on issues relating to health and the environment as well as safety.


The world is faced with a number of environmental concerns that everyone in business and industry has a responsibility to try to alleviate. This includes pollution of the air and water as well as the way that we create and dispose of waste. The loss of biodiversity, due to the expansion of communities and the development of business, also needs to be mitigated.

As a manufacturer, we know we have a significant role to play in meeting these global environmental challenges. As a result, we spare no effort in our drive to decrease the risk of pollution. In addition, we constantly work to reduce the levels of emissions that our manufacturing processes produce.

We also support and take part in biodiversity initiatives at, and around, our facilities.

Our focus lies in the following areas:


As a responsible company, employer and member of the community, we have a key responsibility to safeguard the health of our employees and others. This includes our neighbors, customers and suppliers. We proactively manage all aspects of our business with a focus on safety, and we take an active role in public health issues. This involves supporting initiatives that improve personal health, as well as the overall health of the communities of which we are a part.

Our focus lies in the following areas:


The day-to-day operation of producing and distributing high quality lubricant and grease products means that we incur risks. These risks are due to the products that we handle, as well as the industrial operations that are involved in their production, and the transportation issues involved in their distribution.

Our aim is to make ATLANTIC Lubricants the benchmark in our industry for workplace safety. In order to achieve this we devise and implement action plans that are based on recognized methodologies. Those action plans set key objectives for our staff in terms of risk management and workplace safety.

This creates a culture of safety in our organization. We continually strive to improve this by working out better ways to manage the technical risks associated with our business, as well as the risks inherent in all manufacturing and transportation processes.

This is what our focus on safety means:

The issues of health, safety and the environment run through everything that we do. For example, the products that we produce are extensively tried and tested both in the laboratory, and in the field. Great care is then taken throughout our manufacturing process, and all the products are checked again by our laboratory before leaving the blending plant.

In addition to this, we apply strict quality control procedures to all packages, drums and containers to ensure the highest possible standards.

All these processes ensure consistent quality and performance in relation to our products, but they also allow us to implement effective processes, policies and programs in relation to health, safety and the environment.