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What is ACEA in engine oil

What is ACEA in engine oil?

ACEA stands for Association des constructors European automobiles. It is called the European automobile manufacturers association. 

ACEA came into being in 1991. It speaks for the automobile industry in Europe. This association also represents the manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks and buses with a lot of production sites in the European Union. 

As far as the members of the association are concerned then it includes the automobile industries, car industries, bus industries, and truck manufacturers. 

How can one read an ACEA specification?

ypically every ACEA specification is made up of a number and the letter. The number indicates the category and the letter indicates the class. 


Here C means the class and 3 means the category.

The three classes of ACEA looks like A/B, ACEA, ACEB


A/B means the class and 3 means the category

ACEA C1-16

C means the class, 1 indicates the category and 16 the implementation year.

These three classes can be applied as

  • A and B class applies to passenger car motor oils.
  • C class applies for catalyst compatible motor oils.
  • How to go for the right ACEA specification?
  • It is imperative for everyone to remember that the different classes and categories of ACEA has their own applications. In case you are going to use the oil with the incorrect specification then you can be certain that you are going to diminish your engine performance. 
  • It is never a good idea to use the incorrect specification because this means that the engine can be damaged. One way to make sure that you are choosing the right specification is by considering and referring to the car manual. 
  • Things to remember
  • ACEA is the European automobile manufacturers association.
  • With the help of its European oil sequences, it provides minimum standards for oil.
  • Every ACEA specification is normally made out of a letter and a number. 
  • Each category applies to different motors.
  • Once the motor oil fulfills the specification of ACEA then it is considered brilliant.