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How is synthetic oil better than regular oil

How is synthetic oil better than regular oil?

Synthetic oil is the type of oil that is manufactured by man in an artificial way, using chemically modified Petroleum components instead of crude oil.  As this oil is man made that is why there is a control over the molecular size and purity  of this oil.  Man modifies the regular crude oil according to his own needs which results in producing the synthetic oil that helps up in reducing engines sludge, lowering the friction and increasing the performance.  There are a lot of qualities of synthetic oil that prove that it is better than the regular or conventional oil.  Due to these properties synthetic oil is considered as the best oil in the world. 

Uniform molecular size 

As synthetic oil is created by man, he tries his best to create a uniform molecular size of the particles of the oil.  This modification helps in reducing the frictional properties.  So the first significant feature of synthetic oil is that it causes less friction  and saves the moving parts of your motor car or motorbikes engine from collapsing. 

Highly refined

Another important feature of synthetic oil which makes it the best oil in the world is that it is highly refined.   As it course through regress scientific chemical procedures that is why it is refined on a very high scale.  This refinement results in the reduction of deposits that the engine oils produces.

Power of additives

synthetic engine oil is the best engine oil in the world because of the additives that are added to it.  There are certain functions that the conventional oils are unable to perform.  The conventional oils are vulnerable to oxidation and result in high fuel consumption.  But this is not the case with the synthetic oil.  Due to the additives , the engines of your motor cars or motorbikes are protected as these additives reduce the oxidation properties of the oil and in  turn protect your engine from corrosion. Also these additives help in the  smooth flow of oil through to the engine.  Due to this smooth flow, the oil carries the impurities that are present in the engine to the oil filter.   On one hand the synthetic oil is helping your engine to work properly and on the other hand it is also cleaning it up indirectly. 

Cold and extreme weather stability

One of the best features of the synthetic oil is that it can start your engine even when the temperature is at its lowest.  This property is not present in the conventional or regular oil.  Even during the cold weather circumstances your engine will not stop working if you are using the synthetic oil.  Not only this but synthetic oil can also with stand high temperature.  Other types of soil may result in the destruction of your engine and high fuel consumption due to high temperature but with synthetic oil this is not the case.  It can maintain its extra ordinary properties even at high temperature.  These qualities make synthetic oil better and the best engine oil in the world than any other regular or conventional oil.