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viscosity index of an engine oil

How important is viscosity index of an engine oil for the proper functioning of an engine?

Viscosity of a lubricant it is basically the measure of the force required to move one layer of the oil from the other. In other words it is the resistance of a fluid to flow. For an engine to work properly it is very important to use the kind of lubricant which has  high viscosity index. 

Viscosity index 

Viscosity has the capability to change according to the temperature. Neither too low nor too high viscosity in good enough for the working of an engine. If the viscosity is too low then the lubricant will be too thin which will result in the wearing and overheating of the machinery or the engine . On the other hand if the viscosity is too high then the lubricant is too thick which will make it hard for the machine to start and hence result in low mechanical efficiency. For an engine to function properly it is very important to use the kind of engine oil whose viscosity will resist to change with temperature as much as it can.  

The change of viscosity with temperature is basically called as viscosity index. In order  to get the high performance from a machine or an engine it is essential to use the kind of lubricant which has high viscosity index.  High viscosity index is when there is the least change in viscosity with the change in temperature.   The best engine oil in the world possess highest viscosity index which keep them stable at different temperatures. 


You must be quite familiar with the fact that the intern of the automobile continuously changes its temperature.  when the engine is not turned on its temperature is cold.  Engine oil lubricants are required to reduce the friction between various parts of the engine when it is started at low temperature.  

It is very important to use the kind of lubricant that will not only have the engine start without any hurdle at low temperature but will also keep itself  stable at high temperature.  The engine oils with the highest viscosity index are able  enough to deal with these kinds of situations.

How can high viscosity index be achieved?

The best engine oil in the world is the synthetic oil which is manufactured  artificially.  during the preparation  of these oils various  polymer additives are added to them  which help them resist changes during variations in temperature.  Atlanticlube is quite familiar with the function and importance of good viscosity index.  While preparing its lubricants it keeps in mind the  significance of viscosity index.  In order to get the best engine oil in the world one must choose the engine oils or lubricants from the Atlanticlube because they use various additives that enhance the properties of the engine oils. 


Hence for engine to  give its best performance the lubricant of high viscosity index is required.  Atlantic lube is the place where one can get the best engine oil in the world with high viscosity index rate.