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ACEA Conformances

lantic Grease & Lubricants announces ACEA conformances – APRIL 2017

Atlantic Grease & Lubricants hereby formally declares to participate in European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System (EELQMS)

Assuring the quality of automotive engine lubricants and the performance claims made for them

Among many other activities ACEA defines specifications for engine oils so called ACEA Oil Sequences. ACEA itself does not approve the oils, they set the standards and oil manufacturers make performance claims for their products if those satisfy the relevant requirements.

The EELQMS is a voluntary quality system but is THE ONLY system that can be used to support an ACEA performance claim. By providing a detailed step-by-step auditable process to follow, it provides reassurance to OEMs, workshops and consumers that engine lubricants on the market meet the performance claims being made for them.

Atlantic Grease & lubricant’s products have been developed in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the EELQMS and hence make performance claim that our engine oils meet the requirements of one of the ACEA performance specifications (ie Oil Sequences).